President's Message

Irvin C Durand / 
President - ECCLA

Fellow Creatives! Greetings! It is such a lovely opportunity we have to welcome you all to and the Eastern Caribbean Copyright Licensing Association (ECCLA). I welcome you all to this new and important growth stage in the life of ECCLA. This is a milestone for the Organisation tasked with the responsibility to secure protection for your published image and text works as OECS constituents.

ECCLA shall embark on a series of sensitization and awareness programs, consultations and workshops geared toward driving more productivity from a protected group of Rights Holders. I encourage you to take the time to review the entire website and to take advantage of the protection being offered to you as a Rights holder by registering today. Let us put our heads together to bring the change which is the ECCLA dream! It has been a challenging road to get to this point and I would expect every creative person reading this message to understand without much difficulty what it has taken to get us as a collective group of torch bearers both past and present, to this point.

Special mention must be made of the first ever and immediate Past President Dr. Simon Jones-Hendrickson who carried the ECCLA torch for the past four to five years. I will strive to continue the work that he started to ensure that creators and publishers are able to benefit from the use of their works.

Irvin C Durand
President - ECCLA